"Lee is an invaluable addition to my team, routeing my North Pacific and upcoming Atlantic row. Professional, concise, calm headed and good humoured even in the direst of situations, I cannot recommend him highly enough."

— Sarah Outen MBE FRGS, Ocean Rower and Adventurer


"I worked with Lee during all three of my North Pacific Rowing projects and he was throughout an integral part of the planning, execution and eventual success in 2009. I cannot recommend Lee too highly to anyone setting out on an ocean passage, whatever the vessel, looking for a highly professional, insightful and accurate weather routing service. I would not consider another rowing project without Lee as part of the team."

— Mick Dawson, Ocean Rower

Golden Gate Endeavour 

"Lee Bruce (OceanMet) was introduced to me in 2006 and has been my exclusive weather forecasting/routing service to date. I guess the best compliment I can pay is that there is no reason to even consider changing to another service. Lee's accuracy and level of service are such that I consider him one on a very short list of industry support people that I truly value."

— Captain Charles Hacker, MY Aviva

"I have used Lee Bruce's services for the past 12 years on many different vessels in various parts of the world, and have found him to be extremely efficient and professional, I would highly recommend OceanMet."

— Captain Brett Fillis, MY Solandge

"I have used OceanMet weather routing for many years. Lee has always given very accurate and  reliable weather information and advice. There are many services and online resources providing data, but when I'm at sea I want an experienced meteorologist analyzing for my particular circumstances. The thoroughly professional and personalized service of OceanMet has been invaluable to me and the ships that I sail on in completing successful passages."

— Captain David Howe

"It's not often that one comes across what I would call a 'true professional'. Someone who knows their complex subject inside out, knows what's relevant information and is able to impart it in a timely and distilled manner that becomes a decision enabler. I have worked with Lee on many projects and his presence, albeit remotely, has added spades in terms of performance and safety. I can't rate him highly enough."

— Pete Goss MBE, Sailor and Adventurer

Pete Goss.com

"I've worked with Lee on a number of ocean rowing expeditions and have found his services to be nothing short of outstanding. He understands the challenges of ocean rowing and his advice and guidance has contributed to several ocean rowers (including myself) to take actions that have without question saved the lives of those at sea. I commend and recommend his services in the most passionate way possible."

— Chris Martin, Ocean Rower

Great Pacific Race